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Getting Started with React Native using Expo Cli

Getting Started with React Native using Expo Cli

Hello everyone, My name Wisdom Ekpotu and today i will be walking you through the process of setting up react native using the Expo Cli.

If you are here you already know that reactnative is an open-source UI software framework created by Facebook, Inc. used to Create cross-platform native apps for Android and iOS using React.

Now you might ask Why build mobile apps with react native?

Well for starters, 1.) React Native is a cross-platform, single codebase stack for both native iOS and Android apps. 2) It has 100% access to native APIs via Javascript and reuse of packages from NPM(Node Package Manager). 3) All you need is a knowledge of Javascript and react.
4) it is alos Backed by Facebook.

Okay! Now lets get to setting up your development environment

Expo Cli

As you are getting started with React native, it is the most friendly choice, easy to begin with, and above all, supports live rendering of your code on your physical device. Seeing your code working on your physical device is quite a feeling of achievement. As I started development, I followed a lot of tutorials that were deprecated till that time, so I had to struggle a lot. And expo CLI has helped me set up my learning journey of react-native. To begin with, Assuming that you have NODE installed, use your command line to install expo CLI

npm install -g expo-cli

The Next thing will be to create a new React Native project using the command below

expo init <Project Name>
cd <Project Name> 
expo start

And a QR code is rendered in your command line that can be scanned by EXPO GO client app. It will load the app on your physical device and perform live rendering with minimal loading delays. Building mobile apps and rendering your current development on physical device is a satisfying experience.

That will be all for now , watch out for my next article

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